Each and every woman needs the best gynecologist in her life at least once. It’s very common and if you are suffering from any gynaec complications then no need to worry about it.

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About Hysterectomy

A hysterectomy is a surgical method to remove a woman’s uterus which is also called a womb is where a baby grows when a woman is pregnant. There are many reasons that you may need a hysterectomy.

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What Is a Hysterectomy and Why Is It Performed?

A hysterectomy surgery is an operation to remove the uterus. This hysterectomy surgery may be done for different reasons which include uterine fibroids that cause pain, bleeding, or other problems.

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laparoscopic training is going to affect your career

In this blog, we find out whether a gynaecological laparoscopic training is as important as it sounds for the students pursuing gynaecology as their career option.

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Saidham Hospital : Introduces Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Training Course

Why Saidham Hospital for Laparoscopic Surgery Training Course?

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Hysteroscopy Training in the Medical Field at Saidham Hospital

Hysteroscopy course which includes the teaching of a surgical procedure which is the centre for many of the procedures included in the gynaecological field....

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Real hand on training At Saidham Hospital

Laparoscopic surgery is one of the minor surgeries which exist in the field of medical science. It is a much easier and a micro surgery for the patients as well as for the doctors..

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Best Gynaecologist in India

Dr. Swapnil Mane specialised in Gynaec Endoscopy and Laparoscopy. Being the chairman of his medical research centre in Rahuri, Dr Mane guides the students personally for getting trained...

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