Each and every woman needs the best gynecologist in her life at least once. It’s very common and if you are suffering from any gynaec complications then no need to worry about it. One of the major gynaec problems is to gain fibroid in the body or stomach area, it’s very common to remove the fat by Laparoscopic Surgery.
Gynecologic laparoscopy surgery is one of the choices to open medical procedures. It uses a laparoscope to peer inside your pelvic terrain. Laparoscopy is generally advisable for people who have found some abnormality in an ultrasound scan. It is a keyhole procedure and it is done to diagnose abnormalities as well as treat them. It is recommended by a gynecologist to make an accurate diagnosis when you have pain and symptoms of pelvic infection.

At Hands on Gynaec Laparoscopy and Vaginal Training Center we provide you top-quality treatment by our specialist doctors, Dr. Swapnil Mane is the Best Gynaec Endoscopy Specialist & Laparoscopy Gynae Onco Surgeon, IVF Consultant, Gynaec Endoscopy Trainer over the 9 years at Saidham Hospital, Rahuri.

A laparoscope is a telescope that is slim and lit. It allows your primary care physician to see inside your body. Symptomatic laparoscopy can also decide if you have conditions like endometriosis or fibroids. It can likewise be a type of treatment. With scaled-down instruments, your PCP can play out an assortment of medical procedures, Dr. Swapnil Mane is the Best Laparoscopic Surgeon In India.

There are many advantages to laparoscopy surgeries against open surgery practices.
These include:

  1. Laparoscopy surgeries bring down hemorrhaging, which reduces the chances of requiring a blood transfusion.
  2. Smaller cuts, that reduce affliction and lessens the recovery time, hence leads to less pain medication.
  3. Laparoscopy is faster and accurate as compared to the old open surgery techniques.
  4. In open surgeries, the risk of external contaminants is higher but in the case of laparoscopy, it is very less and thereby, less risk of receiving infections.
  5. Laparoscopy surgeries have been proven to be more protective and safer for gastrointestinal emergencies.

Why Laparoscopic Training at Saidham Hospital?

  1. We provide Complete Hands-on training on Patients assisted by Experts.
  2. All procedures are related to Gyanec Laparoscopy.
  3. Availability of pelvitrainers all the time for practice especially Endosuturing.
  4. Fellowship Certificate.
  5. In house Accommodation and food facility available.
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