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Best Gynaecologist in India - Dr Swapnil Mane

Gynaecology is a subject which people doesn’t talk much about but is as important as all the other medical sciences. Gynaecology deals with the subject matter of fertility especially among women. But it is not only restricted to that. Gynaecology also deals with any other problems which can be caused due to the daily life stress on the reproductive health of a woman. The subject touches upon how women can keep their reproductive health better and thus face less complications in their daily life. Generally in India, the ratio of doctor to human is quite less which keeps the ratio of gynaecologists to the total population as much lesser. But there are experts in the field who have not only studied and kept their degree to themselves but also are imparting their knowledge to other students so that they can work and be successful to be such good gynaecologists as well.
One such gynaecologists/doctors is Dr Swapnil Mane of Saidham Hospital, Ahmednagar. The Saidham Hospital not only treats their patients facing gynaecological problems with care but also provides training in laparoscopy so that the students can also take a step forward in their career and become one of the best gynaecologist in India. Dr Mane aims in providing the best of healthcare training facilities under experts in Saidham Hospital.
Dr Mane specialised in Gynaec Endoscopy and Laparoscopy. Being the chairman of his medical research centre in Rahuri, Dr Mane guides the students personally for getting trained in the fields of gynaecological laparoscopy. Each of the members in the faculty providing training to the students are a hand-holding guide for all the trainees. They take them through the path of success from the beginning to the end and even beyond that.
What makes Dr Mane the best gynaecologist in India is the fact that he is not only a gynaeonco surgeon and IVF Consultant but also he has been one of the trainers in Gynaec Endoscopy for over 9 years. He has guided students by conducting some of the live surgical workshops in the research centre to provide hands on training for the students. Students look forward to this workshop as they train themselves with real time patients guided by the best gynaecologist in India.
The workshops and training at Saidham Hospital provides the treatment to many of the critical problems related to gynaecology such as severe endometriosis, submucous fibroids etc. Dr Mane specialises in laparoscopic tubal recanalization, septum resection and hysteroscopicadhesiolysis. He has also been able to find the treatment and also did surgeries on laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy in case of vault prolapse.
This has led Saidham Hospital to get more than 130 gynaecologists trained completely in Gynaec endoscopy and more than 50 students in Non Descent Vaginal Hysteroscopy. These fields in gynaecology are not much trained in other parts of the country or abroad. Being one of the trainers in laparoscopy gives gynaecologists like Dr Mane great pride as at last they are serving the community by providing more and more gynaecologists to work in forming the future of the country.
Therefore, we can conclude that for being the best gynaecologist it is not only important to be a specialist and expert in the field but also imparting the knowledge for creating a future for the country is also important. And all of this is actually fulfilled by the best gynaecologist in India which is Dr Mane.
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