SAIDHAM HOSPITAL Rahuri is a 30-bed Charitable Hospital, Run by a charitable trust with the name “Dr. Mane Medical Foundation and Research center”. Saidham Hospital established in 2011 to help out poor and needy patients in the Vicinity of Rahuri. It is the center of excellence for providing the Best Laparoscopic training to Practicing Gynaecologists, Consultants, and Post Graduates. Various other academic/ operative workshops and training programs in Hysteroscopy, Gynae. Endoscopy are conducted at the Hospital. The main objectives of the trusts are: To Run a well-equipped hospital for poor and needy patients, To organize free medical camps, To research on various diseases, To run training and workshops for medical practitioners. This is trust is governed by seven trustees, theses are social workers, all are sai devotees, a native of different places came together with the social motive of serving the poor and founded this organization in 2011 with a vision “Cancer Free India” making Healthcare affordable and Accessible to all.

The great social worker Padmabhushan Anna Hazare/Bollywood Actor Shahrukh Kahn is patron to our trust. During various workshops medical practitioners especially Gynaecologists demanded to start hands-on training in Gynaec endoscopy for benefit of Rural patients. so hands-on courses started in 2019. Over time we have trained 250+ Indian Delegates, 15 foreign Delegates for Gynaec Endoscopy. All those Candidates are doing endoscopies at their centers.

Vision and Mission

To make Gynaec Endoscopy as simple as possible. Each and Every Trainee Gynaecologist should able to perform Gynaec Endoscopy Procedures Independently at their centers.

Your Surgical Journey Begins Here.

Join us in our TLH and NDVH Hands On Training.

Your Surgical Journey Begins Here. Join us in our TLH and NDVH Hands On Training.

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